Ristenza’s® Innovative Approach to Premature Ejaculation

Ristenza® is an innovative approach to address Premature Ejaculation (PE). Ristenza® employs an “off-label use” of FDA-approved, multi-drug capsule that has the potential for highly effective relief for PE with none of the hassles associated with other currently available remedies. Ristenza® can be administered in dosages that permit the user to adjust the level of performance from minimal to complete control of their sexual experience. No other remedy combines the ease of use, safety and effectiveness of Ristenza®.



    • Ristenza has shown high efficacy and low toxicity for premature ejaculation. The treatment data was obtained through: 1) Preliminary studies which yielded both safety and efficacy data (ie. Toxicity profile, safety data, MTD results, etc.), 2) Published research documenting efficacy for individual API’s (active pharmaceutical ingredients) used singly and in combination, and 3) Our initial trial through Urology, San Antonio. This combination of bench-research and clinical application demonstrated safe practices for clinician’s prescription to patients for Ristenza.



    • Each active Ristenza ingredient has a long history of broad-based use, safety and effectiveness for its primary indications. Arising from over years of extensive research, Ristenza advances the science by applying these trusted compounds in a new and innovative formulation to provide potential ground-breaking relief for PE. With Ristenza, patients will no longer have to confront the hassles, unpredictability and ineffectiveness of currently available remedies and will be able to enjoy the gratification of a fulfilling sex life with confidence.